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The Analy English department consists of nine full-time credentialed teachers with an average of over 15 years of experience.  Our curriculum is a writing-portfolio centered program designed to prepare students for college and career.

CAASPP English Language Arts scores:

  • In 2016 81% of juniors met or exceeded expectations compared with 59% for the state.

  • In 2015 77% of juniors met or exceeded expectations compared with 55% for the state.

Percentage of AP students that passed AP Language and Composition or AP Literature test:

2016 AP Language and Composition:       81% pass rate

2016 AP Literature                                    100% pass rate

2015 AP Language and Composition:       73% pass rate

2015 AP Literature                                      90% pass rate


English 12 Expository Reading and Writing Course:

English 12 is ERWC certified.  ERWC is a rigorous, rhetorically based, full-year college preparatory English course for high school seniors designed to support college-readiness in English for California's diverse students.  The course addresses critical academic literacy expectations and successfully prepares students to meet the academic demands of college and university faculty.

Department Members

Katie Benson

B.A., Sonoma State University

Susan Blackmer

B. A., U.C. Berkeley

M.A., Lehigh University

Suzi Fischer

B. A., Cal Poly

Ellen Houlemard

B. A., Chico State

Audrey Leach

B. A., U.C.L.A.

B. A., Sonoma State

Tricia Maxson

B. A., Chico State

M. A., Middlebury College

Jon Mazer

B.A., Theatre Arts, New York  


M.F.A., Theatre Directing,

Northwestern University

Patty Pifer

B. A., Humboldt State

M. A., Sonoma State

Joel Stickel

B. A., Linfield College

M. A. T., Concordia University

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